A Note From Layli: Improving Capacity and Increasing Efficiency

Posted March 12, 2009

Layli Miller-MuroNonprofits don’t often talk about the resources that allow them to do their work, but I am excited to share with you that we are nearing the end of a thoughtful two year process of significantly increasing our capacity and efficiency. In 2007, after a decade of serving our clients, we paused to take a hard look at ourselves and, through a strategic process of feedback and planning, developed a plan to make improvements in our infrastructure, organizational design, processes, policies, and physical space. Though we did not then anticipate the current economic crisis, we count ourselves incredibly fortunate that we are now better able to meet these challenges and serve our clients due to these efficiency gains.

I want to highlight several of the improvements in capacity made during this process:

While I realize that these investments in internal capacity are not terribly glamorous, they are critical to our ability to better serve immigrant women and girls fleeing violence. We made these investments prior to the recent economic collapse, and we are particularly grateful that they are almost complete so that we are now better able to serve immigrant women and girls who, in these economic times, are at even greater risk for violence.1

It is because of our focus on organizational strength and structural capacity that we are able to turn every $1 you donate into $5 through in-kind donated services. During this time of economic hardship, we are particularly grateful for your trust and support. Thank you for your continued commitment to our efforts to protect immigrant women and girls in need.

Warm regards,
Layli Miller-Muro
Executive Director

1During times of increased economic hardship, rates of domestic violence rise. See “Increased Financial Stress Affects Domestic Violence Victims,” National Domestic Violence Hotline, January 30, 2009.